The Microsoft certification is become more trend because of a lot of job openings for whose completed certification, same time most employees searching the internet “Free Azure dumps”,” Free Training “and free certification Voucher, I will share great information for who’s looking to do certification and some company learning team still not may aware this info, still they are asking to submit the bill for refund the certification expenses reimbursement.

Microsoft provides the Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) for free. The ESI program includes multiple courses, a Certificate practice exam, free certification voucher for developers, administrators, or engineers, with one-time retakes.

Enterprise Skills Initiative: Welcome - Microsoft

How to know your Company's eligibility for ESI Benefits

Microsoft does not mention in public about criteria for approval. If your employer has a nontrivial Azure subscription with Microsoft and bulks MSDN business with Microsoft, your company may qualify. Most major companies fit into this so you can log on to the ESI website with your company email id. Some companies won’t allow you to log in to your personal computer so log in with your company computer.

What is ESI in Microsoft?

SignUp Enterprise Skill Initiative

You can follow the below steps for the Signup Enterprise skill initiative

Step 1: Redirect to, if you have a company laptop use the same because some company not allowed to login into personal computers.

Step 2: Provide your company email id. For example, some company has multiple email id like or, so you have tried with your base email id or try one by one.

ESI "company and personal" Link - Microsoft Training Support

Step3: Next steps, it will redirect to the Microsoft default login page to provide login details, or if already logged in, automatically redirect to the home page.

Suppose if your company is eligible for enterprise skill, not initiated, you will get the following error message.

Esi Work account tag to new personal accout - Microsoft .

Profile Setting

After the login is successful and if you are logging in for the first time, then you will see a profile settings menu where it will ask you which role you are interested to train yourself, your language, and your country.

Unable to logon to Enterprise Skills Initiative Support

ESI user benefits

The ESI program's main intention is to share the knowledge and give the support for complete certification with good learning and try to avoid third-party fake promises for dumps and training. Let’s understand the benefits of the below steps
  1. Microsoft Learning
  2. Microsoft Learning Live Training
  3. Microsoft certificate practice training
  4. Microsoft certification practice exam simulation with 247 questions
  5. Microsoft Free Exam Voucher
After login, you will be able to see the below screen.

Microsoft ESI free certification

Free Virtual Live Training

The ESI program provides all the Azure developer, Azure Admin, DevOps, Security, and Office 365 courses, The course is available for beginners to experts. My company has ESI benefits and most of my certification is done through the ESI program.

The courses are delivered over Microsoft Teams and conduct labs on Azure. The tutors are Microsoft's internal trainers. I will give a 5-star rating for all the training, it will be more useful.

Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative courses

Free Exam Practice test

MeasureUp is the leading provider of Microsoft certification practice tests and assessments for professionals. Written by subject matter experts, the practice tests cover all objectives of the exam in-depth, so you'll be ready for anything. In fact, so you'll pass your certification exam after successfully passing its MeasureUp Practice Test, The cost is around 99$.

Measureup discount code

The Great news, is the above practice exam is also free for you, you can follow the below steps for the free practice test.

Step 1: Log in with

Step 2: Select the Exam preparation.

Step 3: Select your exam and click on the practice test.

Step 4: The practice test simulation will start with around 245 questions. The question will get shuffled and shown the question at a time of 45. As per my experience, if you cleared the practice test, 100% will pass the main exam as well. The practice exam will show answers and clear explanations as well.

Microsoft ESI voucher

Free Exam Voucher

Microsoft certification cost is around $99 USD. The Microsoft ESI program offers a 100% discount voucher to apply at checkout on the Pearson Vue site for the exam. You can follow the below steps to schedule an exam with a free voucher code.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Search and select the exam for which you want to schedule the exam

Step 3: After selecting, you will get the following screen, select your country and click on the Schedule exam button.

free microsoft exam voucher

Personal Microsoft Account Link to ESI Account

You will be asked to sign in or create a new personal email account. If you have an existing registered personal Microsoft account, use it to sign in. If you do not currently have a personal Microsoft account, create a new account with your personal information and your personal email address or your, email address. Follow the screen prompts and complete the required fields until you are told that you successfully created your account.

The following screen shows the link to the ESI account if you don’t have the link account tab ignore it for now, if you have already click on the linked account and provide your Company ESI account email ID and provide the login details.

Microsoft Dumps exam list

If you have already linked your accounts, you will see the option to claim a 100% by your employee discount, if it's not visible provide the company email id and check the eligibility, after verifying eligibility you will be able to see the like below screen.

How can I get free Microsoft exam voucher

You click on the Claim button, then proceed the all the steps for the scheduled date and accept all agreements, then submit the scheduled exam. The payment will display zero, so it won’t ask for any credit card information.

Video Demo


Microsoft Dumps List

Hope you all understand the process and it is useful for you. I have explained the same info on all the sessions in Malaysia, Germany, and India, everyone enjoyed and utilized the process, I don’t know which country and the company you are from, please try it yourself, Hope your company is eligible for ESI benefits and you can also utilize, learn and save money 😊
Microsoft introduced a new approach to help learners stay current, those who have an Microsoft active certificate and are expiring within six month can renew their certification annually at no cost, no renewal exam and only you have to do a Microsoft learn assessment to refresh your skill.

Renew your Microsoft Certification

The renewal assessment is available only on Microsoft Learn once you’re eligible approximately six months before your certification expires and you will receive an email notification from Microsoft for when the renewal assessment is available in your exam.

Your certification profile should enable you to take the renewal assessment on Microsoft learn when you are within eligibility window and also keep same account for both your certification profile can be connected to Microsoft learn

Renew your Microsoft Certification

How to Extend Certificate Expire date

You will be able to renew your role-based and specialty certifications by passing a free renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. You can follow the below steps for renew your Microsoft certification exam

Step 1: Check is it any available exam for ready for renew in Microsoft certification Dashboard

Step 2: Ensure your certification profile is connected to Microsoft Learn, if you are using same user credentials, it may connected automatically otherwise connect with Microsoft support team using MS forum

Step 3: You will get email alert, if any assessment that will be available on Microsoft learn.

Step 4: You may retake the assessment as many times as you need to take it to pass, and you must pass before your certification expires.

Step 5: When you pass the online assessment, your certification will be extended by the one additional year from the current expiration date.

keep continue Lean . ..To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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