Microsoft introduced a new approach to help learners stay current, those who have an Microsoft active certificate and are expiring within six month can renew their certification annually at no cost, no renewal exam and only you have to do a Microsoft learn assessment to refresh your skill.

Renew your Microsoft Certification

The renewal assessment is available only on Microsoft Learn once you’re eligible approximately six months before your certification expires and you will receive an email notification from Microsoft for when the renewal assessment is available in your exam.

Your certification profile should enable you to take the renewal assessment on Microsoft learn when you are within eligibility window and also keep same account for both your certification profile can be connected to Microsoft learn

Renew your Microsoft Certification

How to Extend Certificate Expire date

You will be able to renew your role-based and specialty certifications by passing a free renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. You can follow the below steps for renew your Microsoft certification exam

Step 1: Check is it any available exam for ready for renew in Microsoft certification Dashboard

Step 2: Ensure your certification profile is connected to Microsoft Learn, if you are using same user credentials, it may connected automatically otherwise connect with Microsoft support team using MS forum

Step 3: You will get email alert, if any assessment that will be available on Microsoft learn.

Step 4: You may retake the assessment as many times as you need to take it to pass, and you must pass before your certification expires.

Step 5: When you pass the online assessment, your certification will be extended by the one additional year from the current expiration date.

keep continue Lean . ..To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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