Helping Student worldwide build a strong foundation for their future

I'm Suthahar. In India, many Student come from poor families. Their parents work hard to send them to school, even though they don't have much money. Sometimes, the parents struggle a lot just to earn enough money for their kids' education. But even after all that hard work, some kids still can't find jobs. Some of them get so sad that they might even think about hurting themselves.

I know this because I went through it too. My family was very poor, and my parents spent all they had to send me to school. But when I graduated in 2007 from Coimbatore, India, it was really hard for me to find a job. And when I finally got one, the pay wasn't enough for me to even afford basic things like food and a place to stay.

But in 2007, I learned something important. It didn't matter if the pay was good or bad, what mattered was that I had a job. This made me want to help other kids with their careers during my free time. And over the years, I've seen many of them do well after they finished school. Even now, in 2014, I'm still helping College Student and who's interested to learn programming . I've been able to stop many of them from hurting themselves, and lots of them have found good jobs and are happy.

"I've dedicated my time to their careers, not money.

Witnessing many lives change and families find happiness."

Transform Dreams into Reality: From School to CEO, Suhail's Journey!

From this journey, I would like to share one big success story. When one school student, who had completed 8th grade, showed me his interest in programming languages and what programming is all about. His name is Suhail, and he was just 12 years old at the time. Since then, he has learned and developed himself in software and website development. Many people appreciated his work, including Bill Gates and ABJ. He has achieved many Microsoft certifications. He got admission to MCA (Master's in Computer Applications) at the age of 14. Suhail enrolled in the MCA program, and now he has completed double PhDs and owns two AI-based product companies. Here, I can't say Suhail achieved not only because of me; I am just one part of his life. It's his hard work and dream that have brought him to where he is today

Suthahar - Helping kids worldwide build a strong foundation for their future

A promise of hope 

Achievement is not the end; my sharing will continue as long as I'm here in this world. While most people mark the passing of time by the 12 months in a year, I've never measured time in months. Instead, I measure it by the number of students I've mentored who find success in their careers and lives. In many cases, if parents are wealthy, their children often follow suit and become affluent. However, if your parents are poor, it doesn't mean you have to be poor too. You understand the hardships of childhood poverty all too well. So, start dreaming and working towards achieving the life you've imagined.

One popular newspaper noticed my work, and after seeing how many people benefited, they interviewed me and featured my story in their pages. Since 2007, I've supported over 15,000 students, many of whom have transformed their lives thanks to my mentorship. The impact of my guidance has been widely acknowledged, with leading newspapers like The Hindu describing my efforts as 'A promise of hope.'

"Nobody is useless in this world; everyone has their own talent.
Here, many focus on money and end up in the wrong place.
Remember, your age is not more than 100. Rethink your priorities."

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