Abstract Class in c#.net

Abstract Class:

Now we will discuss about abstract class in c#.net. 
  • Abstract class is class we cannot create object. We only use inherit
  • We are only use base class. If u r use abstract method u must implement derived class

Abstract Class Declaration

abstract class devenvexe


A abstract class can contain abstract method or non-abstract method .abstract method not have implementation in abstract class .but same its have derived class

Abstract Method/Non Abstract Method:

abstract class devenvexe
public abstract void abstractMethod();
public void NonAbstractMethod()
Console.WriteLine("NonAbstract Method");


  • Abstract class not have sealed class
  • Abstract class only contain abstract method
  • Abstract class cannot be private
  • Abstract method cant have virtual keyword.because its explicit virtuval method
  • Abstract class cannot be static


In our testing, abstract classes with virtual methods have better performance than interface implementation .


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