Beginner Delegate program

Add Two Number Delegate Program

public delegate int AddTwoNumberDel(int fvalue, int svalue);

private void btnClick_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
AddTwoNumberDel AT = Addnumber; // create delegate instance
//is shorthand for
//AddTwoNumberDel AT = new AddTwoNumberDel(Addnumber);
int a = Convert.ToInt16(txtfvalue.Text);
int b = Convert.ToInt16(txtsvalue.Text);
txtresult.Text = AT(a, b).ToString(); // invoke Method
//is shorthand for
//txtresult.Text = AT.Invoke(a, b).ToString();

public int Addnumber(int fvalue, int svalue)
return fvalue + svalue;


Copy and past your VS Editor it will Work... Do you want sample application mail me ...


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