How to Build HoloLens Apps

Great news for Microsoft developer . Developers don’t need to buy a $3,000 HoloLens device. Microsoft Visual Studio team will be releasing a HoloLens emulator that can be used to build and test apps. The preview of HoloLens emulator will look below

HoloLens Emulator

The HoloLens emulator allows you to test holographic apps on your PC without a physical HoloLens and comes with the HoloLens development toolset. The emulator uses a Hyper-V virtual machine (same like Phone emulator).

Read More about Emulator:

Two Different type of Application:

Currently, there are two different type of HoloLens apps we can develop
2D apps
Holographic apps.
2D apps can use any tools for building Universal Windows Apps suited for environments like Windows Phone, PC and tablets.
For Holographic apps need tools designed to take advantage of the Windows Holographic APIs .Just read for more API guideline info:

List of tools for Build HoloLens Apps:

Windows 10 or higher operating system.
VS 2015 Update 2 and latest version of windows SDK for related HoloLens sdk.
Device Portal setting Refer :
Need to Install HoloLens Emulator :

Note: Build Hololens app developer should more aware about XAML and c#


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