MSDN Subscriptions with Free Xamarin Licensing

At the Build 2016 conference, Microsoft introduced the exciting news that Xamarin will now be available for all existing MSDN users at no extra cost.

Windows Developer:

Xamarin is included in Visual Studio. Now you can develop mobile cross application using windows machine.

Mac Developer:

MSDN subscription users can download Xamarin Studio for Mac machine, no need to pay any payment.

Step 1:

Login to MSDN subscription -

Step 2:

Click on Register and Download

Step 3:

Click checkbox on “I Agree “& Click on “Subscribe” button

Step 4:

Now you can develop mobile cross application. Free Licensing will allow only one machine at a time.If you want to use different machine, you want to disable previous machine licensing like below

Step 4.1:

Login to

Step 4.2:

Go to

Step 4.3:

Click on Deactivate and Enable different machine .


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