VS 2015 can launch the VS emulator but can't deploy the app.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 includes an Android emulator that you can use as a target for debugging your Xamarin.Android app .This emulator uses the Hyper-V capabilities of your development computer same like Windows phone .

Here we have found one issue in VS Emulator : VS 2015 can launch the VS emulator but can't deploy the app.

- I have create blank xamarin android project without add any code when I debug this project debugging without problem but when I run app with visual studio emulator for android is running but not starting my app .

Solution :

I was able to solve the issue like below

1. Run Xamarin.Android app using VS and select VS Emulator.

2. Launch the emulator

3. Cancel deployment ( Build => Cancel Build)

4. Click on the chevron icon in the toolbar to the right of the emulator

5. Select the Network tab

6. Locate the preferred network ip address

7. Back to Visual Studio , click on the Open Adb Command Prompt toolbar button

8. Type adb connect [the emulator ip address]

9. Run application again it will start work .

***Adb -Android Debug Bridge


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