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Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to add authentication and authorization to Our web, mobile Application and web APIs. In this article I shown below how to create / implement Azure Active Directory authentication login using xamarin.Forms . I have seen many article for the process of moving the management experience for all Azure services from the ‘classic’ portal at ,Here I am showing new portal at for Azure AD Application creation and User creation .Azure Subscription Login
The New Azure Portal is that you don’t need an azure subscription to use it. You and other administrators in your organization can manage your tenant in the new portal without any of you needing to get and manage to an azure subscription. You can directly sign -in as usual with your work or school account

Azure Active Directory Application creation:

I will show below steps for application creation, user creation and permission configuration. While implement mobile application, we need Client ID, tenant, return url so here, I will show how to get all configuration information from following steps.

Step 1: App Registration:

Login to Microsoft Azure Portal and choose Azure Active Directory from the sidebar.

The under Manage Select on App Registration => Click on + Add button

Provide the following details, name for the Application, select the Application Type as Native(Mobile application) or Web app/API, and for Sign-on URL enter your application URL and Click on Create

Step 2: App Required Permissions:

We need to give permission to access application from mobile or web so follow below steps for grand permission. Select on newly created application => Select on Required Permission => Click on Grand permission.

Step 3: Create new user:

Create user for access the application. choose Azure Active Directory from the sidebar => Select Users and groups =>Select All Users=> Click on +Add =>provide the user details as below Name of user, user name (email id).

Step 4: Get Client ID and Redirect Url:

The Client Id is unique identifier for our application. We need client id for implement Azure AD authentication in mobile application so you can follow below steps for get client id. choose Azure Active Directory from the sidebar =>Select App registrations =>Select newly created application => Click on property = > Use Application Id as client ID

Click on Redirect Url under settings =>get redirect url / update redirect url

Step 5: Get Tenant:

We already register our application in a Azure AD tenant. We need tenant ID for implement AD authentication in mobile application. you can follow below steps get tenant id.

choose Azure Active Directory from the sidebar => Select on Properties => use Directory ID as tenant ID

You can implement Active directory login in Web ,Mobile ,Windows application using Client ID ,Redirect Url and Tenant ID ..


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